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What is the Christian Mentors Tool Box?


Equipping Christ-Centered Mentors Worldwide

Use the Christian Mentors Tool Box to start and build your own successful mentoring ministry or to launch a mentoring ministry in your church. 

Includes all the tools to equip any believer to have a life changing mentoring and disciplining ministry by developing their own network of Christian Mentors to their church, their workplace and their community.

What is the Christian Mentors Network?
How can I develop a mentoring ministry?
How does the mentoring process work?

What’s in the Tool Box?
One Handbook
Three Study Books
Three Mentor Guide
Media Packet – One flash drive containing: 
Passing the Baton
Mentor Training Videos
Purposeful Living Seminars
Two (2) PowerPoint Presentations with hand-outs
Audio: Transforming Ordinary Men into Victorious Warriors

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