Become a Mentor.

Equip to Reach.
Equip to Teach.

While the family of God is abounding with evangelical outreaches to nations and cities throughout the world seeing many won for Christ, there is an enormous need to disciple those who have just begun their walk of faith. This ever-present need is not only to reach the lost and give them the message of the good news of Christ, but to teach them how to walk in purpose in this new life of faith.

As Christians, our view of the world is so counter to our current culture that is saturated in fear, materialism, moral depravity, and plagued with addictions.  We need to equip new believers in Christ with a real biblical sense of whose family they now belong and how they are set apart. Additionally, and as important, is to build the confidence of a new disciple so they can withstand the temptations and sin that may have previously bound their lives.  

To accomplish the training of those new to the faith and to those long-time believers who have yet to know the blessing of discipling someone, we need to raise up new disciple-makers and equip and empower them to have the confidence to come along side others. This is the heart of CMN - to equip, to reach and to teach others to fulfill the Great Commission.

How can you become a mentor?


It must start with prayer.  Ask the Lord to bring someone into your life who wants to be mentored.  Hopefully, you have found a strong Bible-believing church in your area where you attend regularly.  There are men and women in that church privately wanting to have another person come along side in their Christian walk but haven’t spoken up about it.  As the Lord leads, ask that person the Lord places on your heart if they are interested in being mentored.

To be a mentor, you need to be submitted to the Lord and have the right tools that will give you the confidence that you can do this!   That’s where Christian Mentors Network comes in.

Our Mentoring His Way three book study series also has accompanying Mentor’s Guides. The Mentor’s Guide is a helpful tool to equip the mentor and give the confidence needed to lead their mentee as they go through the study books together.  

On the Resources tab, Our Mentoring His Way books and the Mentor’s Guides are described.  The content of the study book that the mentee would use, is completely embedded in the Mentor’s Guide. There are “Touch Points” that are follow-up statements or additional information. The “Mentor Notes” are tips for you, the mentor and the “Conversation Questions” are to stimulate interaction between you and your mentee. 

Willing believers can become mentors when they are equipped with the tools, the training and the self-confidence to grow in maturity and love in Christ who will then go on to teach others who will do the same, which is what Jesus taught in His Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-19… “going into all nations and make disciples...”

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