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4 Powerful Steps to Disciple Men Through One-on-One Mentoring

bigstock-Spiral-Staircase-100317Mentoring is an apprenticeship in becoming Christ-like. In a recent CMN survey, the strongest reason men gave for wanting to be mentored was that they wanted a more spiritually mature man to walk with them to teach them how to live the Christian life according to what the Bible taught.

The reason most gave for staying at it and going on to mentor others was because of the lasting relationships that were developed during the mentoring process both with their mentor and those whom they mentored.

The Four Steps to More Powerful Mentoring
  • Step One: Engage men in the mentoring process.
  • Step Two: Equip men to become loving obedient followers of Christ.
  • Step Three: Empower men to rely on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.
  • Step Four: Employ men in the activity of mentoring other men.

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