The MidWest Team and David Smith of Door of Faith

The MidWest Team and David Smith of the Door of Faith

On Tuesday July 25th 2017, David Smith (picture above) was awarded a Certificate of Graduation by the CMN Midwest Task Force. David has completed all 3 of the Mentoring His Way books and is a faithful worker in the field. He is helping to restore and transform others connected to the Door of Faith residential facility in Des Moines, IA. The Door of Faith is one of seven shelter and ministry centers of Hope Ministries, a faith based ministry located in Des Moines.


David is an alumnus of the Door of Faith having completed the yearlong recovery program. David has steadily grown the alumni program of Door of Faith involving them in recreational activities and service projects. One of the most impactful alumni efforts has started this year with David introducing the CMN Mentoring His Way books. David and the alumni team are mentoring three generations of alumni and current residents of the Door of Faith. David has brought 15 men into the CMN mentoring ministry in 2017.


Hope Ministries has a mission statement that states: “To rescue those who are homeless, hungry, abused or addicted, providing opportunities for hope, recovery and restoration through the love of Jesus Christ.”


David Smith walks this mission every day of the week. His heart for ministry, perseverance and dedication to the men at the Door of Faith are an inspiration to the 4 of us on the Midwest team. We are fortunate to have him on our team and to call him a brother in Christ.