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We hope you enjoy reading some of the testimonials the Christian Mentors Network has received over the years:

My Experience with Mentoring His Way – Christian Mentor’s Network

I wanted to take a minute and share some thoughts about the impact that Christian Mentor’s Network has had on my life and ministry.  It has made a meaningful difference in my personal life as both a father and husband, and has given me the tools that I have been looking for to grow both discipleship and outreach at our church.  How has this been so?

As a father, I have been using the mentoring course with both my college aged boys.  We were unable to complete all the sessions in-person, so now we go through the material over Skype!  It gives us not only a reason to stay in contact, but it causes us to talk about significant matters of faith, rather than just chat about the mundane issues of the day.  This is especially important given the critical and formative stage of life they are in.  What a blessing to have the tools and the occasion as a father to stay spiritually connected with my sons!

As a husband, I can say that my wife and I had a great relationship before I experienced the mentoring program.  However, through mentoring I have become more aware of myself, and the issues of being a Godly man in the home, such that I believe my wife would tell you that our relationship is even stronger as a result of the things I have learned and put in practice.  In fact, the mentoring course has challenged me to be much more intentional about the time I spend with my wife and the kinds of goals that we work together on.

As a pastor, the Mentoring His Way course has provided me with a way to equip people for ministry.  People come to church hungry for the Word but many won’t take a small group study, nor will they read the books I may give them.  However, when someone offers to sit down with them one on one, they find that they will commit, and go deeper in their faith than ever before.  But the real beauty of the materials is that they can be used by anyone in the church!  I have now witnessed men taking what I have shared with them and in turn sharing it with others.  Isn’t that what discipleship is all about? They are truly being equipped to reach people for the kingdom and to make disciples of Jesus.  In many cases, the folks they reach may have previously resisted attending any “organized” worship services.

All in all, I can say that even as a pastor I have grown so much by both going through the course, and by taking several others through it.  The materials capture such a breadth and depth of subjects that I dare say there is no one who wouldn’t benefit by them! … and the experience of going one-on-one through these matters of faith with another man or woman … is life-changing!  Thank you Roy and CMN!

Glory to God,

Pastor Augie Iadicicco, Redeemer by the Sea, Carlsbad CA


My name is Tim and I met Barry about 4 1/2 years ago at church. At that time I was coming to the third year of a deep depression and time of struggle after my son’s suicide. I used to be a Pastor in student ministry and worship. In 2001, two days after 9/11 my oldest son Bryan was going through a time of personal struggle and fear and decided that the solution was to end his life.

I continued in ministry for two years after his death until I realized that there were some things in my own life I was really struggling with. I took a one year sabbatical then came back as a volunteer. I did this for another year.
It was now 4 years after my son’s death. I cannot explain the struggle I encountered during that time but it was coming from every angle in my life. I found myself hating GOD with all my heart. I also became filled with hatred and bitterness towards anyone who claimed to be a Christian. Again, I cannot go into detail but everything seemed to be dark, hopeless, and I lost all trust in GOD.

After three years a friend of mine who isn’t even a believer but knew me before this event told me I needed to get help. I left on a motorcycle trip across the states from AZ to IL to see my dad. I spent five days with my dad and somehow he convinced me to give GOD, my marriage, and kids a chance. I agreed and returned home eleven days later.

I moved my family down to the southeast valley of Phoenix where I found a church that was meeting in a school. At that church, I met the man GOD had prepared for me. The Lord led me to a man named Barry Lynch. After a few sentences into our conversation Barry asked me if I would take a look at some books he had and asked if I would be interested in getting together. I told him I would love to get together.

We met at a Paradise Bakery every week and Barry began to just share his life with me. I poured hatred, bitterness, and anger out while he poured faith, hope, and love back in. God had produced the very fruit in his life that I was so desperate for. Besides meeting with me every week he would text me scripture and want to know what I thought of it. This got me digging in to the Word for myself where the Lord met me and spoke words of healing in to me.

I am walking with the Lord now in a way that is not just back to where I was, no, He has brought me to a new place and lifted me out of the miry clay. I am now doing for others what Barry did for me. I plan on doing it until the day I die. I am so grateful to God for Barry and I know many men now who feel the same way.

Restored and Grateful,



For several years now, I have been looking for a mentor: someone who was older and wiser than me, someone who has more life experience than me, and someone who could guide me spiritually. I tried starting accountability groups, and approached older men in my church about the possibility of having them mentor me, all of which failed to produce anything. When my friend Barry told me about Roy and Men in Ministry, and the impact that it was having on his life, I was very eager to get involved. I had seen the change in Barry’s life – he had been mentored and was now mentoring other men – and I saw his enthusiasm and passion for the Lord. Now that I have allowed Roy to take me through his mentoring program, my spiritual life has been renewed and is full of life. I am no longer the Christian with the “stale and stagnant” relationship with the Lord. Even more than this, I have been able to live a life of victory where there was only defeat. Praise God!  The biggest “kicker” for me is that I am a pastor of a local church. Accountability with parishioners in my church is nearly impossible, especially at the deepest level. But I have found that with Roy I am able to be completely open and honest, and that I can now share without fear of judgment. I thank God daily for Roy and Men in Ministry. Our church, through many avenues, is being both blessed and strengthened through this ministry.

Pastor Mike


I would like to start by thanking our Lord for everything in my life and that I am part of Christ’s family. Then I need to thank Roy Comstock for starting Christian Mentors Network and for all the spiritual gifts’ that the Lord has blessed him with. It is an honor to be part of this ministry.

I will start by how God led me to Roy and the TriCord ministry. I was starting to grow in my relationship with Christ but still had a lot of questions and had no one in my life yet with a strong faith. I started praying for someone I could open up to and who could teach me one-on-one. Shortly after that, I met Debbie and Paul. We quickly knew we were of the same faith and the Spirit was at work. Paul called and invited me to join a small group of three men. The Spirit said Yes, but I said No – I wasn’t sure. Paul kept calling me and finally took me to lunch. At that point, he gave me a book to read, “Mentoring His Way” Volume One. Later that week Paul called to check on me. When I read the book it must have been the right time for me. Paul asked me if I wanted to meet the author and of course, I said Yes. This is how I learned the Spirit works and my prayer was answered. That was a year and a half ago and I have been meeting with Roy Comstock every week since. The three-volume series, “Mentoring His Way” which teaches about the “Twelve Characteristics of a Godly Life” gave me an opportunity to grow in Christ at a much faster pace, and to understand what it means to be saved, receive the Holy Spirit, and be part of Christ’s family. 

My whole family has benefited from me being mentored. This ministry has also helped me understand what it is to trust the Lord completely, and I have found what some of my spiritual gifts are.

The TriCord journal is a way for me to talk about Scripture, share and open up about my life, and pray for others every day. After going it alone without trustworthy men in my life the last 20 years, this is an amazing tool for the Kingdom.

Whether it is mentoring a brother, a TriCord meeting, praying for each other, or just calling and checking on each other, I have had the great opportunity to be led by the Spirit and bring men to Christ through this ministry. They are empty and hurting and within weeks, their lives have been changed. This is an amazing spiritual experience to see and be part of.

Barry Lynch


My TriCord experience has been the second best thing to ever happen to me. The first, of course, was when I gave my life over to Christ. And with the prayers and encouragement that I receive from TriCord, I’m in the process of learning how to walk in Christ and totally being controlled by the Holy Spirit…every facet of becoming Christ-like is a process.

Because of life circumstances, my self-confidence was hit hard. God has blessed me with TriCord. As a result of being involved with TriCord, my confidence has matured so much… Praise God!!! My confidence has grown in my salvation and who I am in Christ, and for the first time in my life I truly believe I’m heaven bound and I can say that with so much assurance. It’s because of what Christ did on the cross…taking my sins and giving me His righteousness…now I have the right to claim my position in God’s family. The joy and peace I feel from that!!! It’s as if so much weight from the many years of feeling in bondage (the low self-esteem, shame, and condemnation) has been lifted.

TriCord has taught me how to be open and honest with my feelings, and with what is going on in my life. I’m encouraged with the fact that I have other men of God praying for me…men who “have my back” during the bad times. Encouraging and holding me accountable for the “Characteristics of Accountability” questions we ask ourselves daily, and for the way I walk, talk, and live. As a result of TriCord, plus studying the “Mentoring His Way” book series, the evidence of the fruits of the Spirit are manifesting in me.

Being in the TriCord is definitely a part of the “Process” for me. It’s a life-journey in Christ – learning to be controlled by the Holy Spirit, and striving for holiness by being Christ-actualized rather than self-actualized.”



In the summer of 2009 I was diagnosed with an aggressive prostate cancer. It is well known that being diagnosed with cancer causes people with the disease to react in different ways. But, the common thread seems to be that we tend to take an inventory of our lives especially when facing a life-threatening situation. I was no exception. Fortunately for me, a man from my church, Roy Comstock, invited me to join his TriCord group shortly after my diagnosis. In the group I was introduced to Mentoring His Way, Twelve Characteristics of A Godly Life. The support and encouragement I received from the group during the months of my cancer treatment, and beyond, as well as Roy’s one-on-one mentoring, helped keep me grounded and deepened my desire for God’s Word.  The privilege of then mentoring men myself, as well as having the honor to serve on the Christian Mentor’s Network Board of Directors, has only deepened my conviction that one-on-one mentoring can be transformational in the lives of men. It always amazes me how many men struggle with the same sets of issues in their spiritual lives, marriages, families, & workplaces. Some men are so disconnected from other men, and even their own families, that they are adrift & unable to have victory in their lives. God gives us the answers in the areas we are struggling with and so much more if we are will seek Him & allow Him to change us. Mentoring does so much to help facilitate this and, I believe, helps us take an inventory of our lives. It is then we can understand what is important from God’s perspective.

As I write this (summer of 2012) I am told that statistically I have beaten the odds by surviving this long. I don’t know what the future holds as prostate cancer still kills approximately 25,000 men a year. Being able to mentor is a gift, and I hope to give, as well as receive that gift with the days God allows me.

Rick Norum


Good morning Pastor Brad,

What a beautiful day the Lord has blessed us with!  I want you to know I believe that Mentoring His Way is a powerful tool and that God’s word is the center of all growth.  I truly believe it is all about Jesus!  My vision for this program is to come up alongside of new believers or believers who have the desire to get more into God’s word but are not sure where to start.  Like myself, I have been saved since age 13 but many things have happened in my life to make me feel like I was not worthy of Gods unconditional love and forgiveness. For a long time I believed this is how life was going to be.  I lived each day trying to please and make everyone happy.  I figured as long as I tried really hard I could make up for the things that had gone wrong in the last 35 years. 

I, like many women felt that there had to be something more.  There was an emptiness in my heart that no matter how hard I tried I could never fill it.  If only someone would have come up along side of me and would have encouraged me to pray, read my Bible, surrender all, and trust completely in the Lord.  A real friend, a friend that would love me with a true Christ like love.  As the Holy Spirit was preparing my heart He was also preparing my mentors heart.  Now I have someone who encourages me and brings me to God’s word when I’m looking for answers.  Someone who tells me “ What a friend I have in Jesus”   A mentor does not have to have all the answers and is not perfect, but is a person with a servant’s heart who is sure of who they are because of their identity in Christ.

In closing, I wish I could explain to you what Mentoring His Way Book 1 has done for me.  It has opened my eyes and heart to things I had no idea about.  For example, writing my testimony, asking God’s Holy Spirit to fill me up every day, how to put on the whole armor of God, how to resist the devil and how if we lose sight of the Lord it is so easy to fall away.  I love the story about Peter in Matthew 14: 22-33.  I think this applies to our everyday walk with Jesus.  How if we doubt our faith and don’t keep our eyes on Him how we can start to sink and through our faith when we call out to Him, Jesus picks us up and brings us back safely.  This is also a step in faith for me.  If someone would have told me a year ago I would be writing this to you I would never have believed them.  The love I feel for Jesus, and everything He has done for me is why I want to mentor.

In Him,



My name is Chris Kerr Jr & I met my mentor Barry on an Epic Christian Church men’s retreat at a low point in my life.  I hadn’t wanted to go to the retreat.  I only knew my cousin there & I couldn’t afford it, but my mother offered to pay & thankfully I was talked into it.  Barry was in my cabin & he mentioned early on that he was going to start mentoring.  I had prayed to become a better spiritual leader for my family & so I was interested (looking back now I will say convicted).  Plus, my knowledge of what it was to be a good christian man was pretty basic & I figured it could be a good crash course (it was).

After the retreat I didn’t give it much more thought.  I went back into my world as if little had changed but it had.  God wasn’t done with me, he was only getting started.  I began to attend church more & though it was still sporadic & at different service times, every service I attended I saw Barry.  Not just a face in the crowd either, but prominently.  God kept putting Barry in front of me & it became obvious to me what the Lord wanted me to do, so I complied (I once was blind but now I see). I no longer believe in coincidence.

Being mentored gave me a solid base from which to grow & there is no denying my growth.  During & since my mentoring my life slowly began to change & continues to do so.  I have befriended a great group of righteous men that can help & support me. I’m more confident & don’t shy away from questions about my beliefs. And, I have even planted a few seeds.  I’ve broken the chains of an addiction. I AM a better spiritual leader for my family. My family regularly attends church & I’ve helped with set up, ushering, & teaching seems to be on the horizon.  I’m proud to say that we now tithe (unthinkable before).  My wife has been mentored too, & now has decided to mentor another.  And, this last Easter I had the honor to get up in front of our congregation & baptize my oldest daughter.  WOW, I can’t imagine doing that a few short years ago!

Reflecting back on all this & writing it down has really brought it all into focus for me & at this moment I am feeling truly blessed.  Thank you Barry for the gift of asking me to contribute to this.  It is my genuine hope that sharing this will inspire someone else to continue along a similar path. My being mentored has, & continues to serve me well.


Chris Kerr



Just wanted to thank you for writing the Mentoring books. I have just finished book one with Barry. I am a new Christian, first deciding to accept Christ this past December. I was baptized in February and started meeting with Barry shortly thereafter. Currently I am looking for someone that I can start mentoring. I am not sure how God is going to use this in my life, but the information I am getting is helping to teach me the basics of living a Christ centered life. It has helped to give me a feeling of peace with my own life, but a thirst and desire to share this with others, both believers and non-believers. I am already sharing this information with my wife and some close friends.

Keep up the good work.

Your brother in Christ,

Howard Forman