Leadership Team

Roy and SarahDr. Roy Comstock is CMN’s Chairman/CEO. He has served as President/CEO for the first 15 years of the ministry’s existence. Sarah, Roy’s wife, serves on the Board of Directors and as the Office Manager of the California office. Roy and Sarah recently moved back to Valencia, California from Queen Creek, Arizona, where they lived for 9 years.

Roy is a man who has had many unique life experiences. From his early childhood days when he was forced to adapt to living in fourteen different foster homes, to the rise and fall of his own multi-million dollar financial empire, which then taught him to adapt to a life of hard cold prison confinement and a lesson in what can happen to any businessman who dares to take his eyes off Jesus.

Dr. Paul Cedar, the Chairman of Mission America Coalition and long-time friend, wrote about Roy, “Major failure came into his marriage, his business and his personal life. The good news is instead of departing from the faith, Roy repented and turned to Christ in a deeper way than ever before in his life. He cried out to the Lord concerning his own life, and the Lord responded not only to his needs, but also taught him insights that can be of great help to anyone who desires to follow Jesus Christ.” It was during his time in prison that the Lord revealed many of the principles that Roy calls the “Twelve Characteristics of a Godly Life.”   The material Roy wrote while in prison has become a three book series called Mentoring His Way-Disciple Twelve. They are based on the Twelve Characteristics of a Godly Life and have often been referred to as Roy’s prison epistles. Mentoring His Way has become the foundation for CMN’s mentoring process.

Mike & Arianna

Meet CMN’s President/COO, Michael Comstock and his wife Ariana. They have two children, both in their twenties. They live in Long Beach, California and own a commercial real estate appraisal and residential real estate sales company called Comstock Services. Mike previously served CMN as Vice President for over a decade and now he is responsible for all the operational aspects of CMN.


Barry&JulieMeet CMN’s National Training Director, Barry Lynch and his wife Julie. They have two adult children and had a successful paint contracting company for over twenty years before joining CMN full-time on January 1, 2010. Barry was mentored by Roy Comstock in 2007 and has gone on to personally mentor many men through CMN’s mentoring process. He also has established Mentor Training classes in dozens of churches where thousands of men’s lives have been transformed from ordinary men into victorious warriors for Christ. Barry’s Mighty Men Task Force puts on the Recon Day workshops to pull together leaders eager to learn how to disciple men through small groups and one-on-one mentoring relationships.  Similarly, Julie has developed Sisters of Strength with leadership teams that hold workshops and train women in local churches to mentor other women. Barry and Julie live in Queen Creek Arizona. Barry oversees the mentor training aspects of CMN.

Patrick Campbell family

Meet CMN’s Board Secretary Patrick Campbell and his wife Kim who reside in Santa Clarita CA. Patrick has worked in all facets of corporate human resources with for over 13 years and held leadership positions at major companies. He also ran a successful HR Consulting firm for 16 years and now is an independent Talent Acquisition Consultant collectively serving companies such as, Boeing, Disney, International Rectifier, Raytheon, Southern California Edison, TIAA-CREF, and Western Asset.  He and Kim have 3 children: their oldest recently married daughter, their son serving in the Coast Guard, and their youngest daughter, a soon graduating high school senior. Together they serve as Marriage Care Couches and are currently leading a class in the Higher Vision Church Marriage Care Center in Valencia, California. Kim is also active in the Women’s group and Patrick services in leadership in HV Men and on the Prayer Team.

Patrick met Roy Comstock originally in 2000 and a bond was built as Roy mentored him. Patrick joined CMN’s board in the early years of the ministry, and then took a season off.  Now they are working together again with a core leadership team to launch one-on-one mentor training in the Los Angeles region; build additional leadership throughout the US; and rallying support for expanding discipleship throughout the world.

Meet CMN’s Chief Financial Officer, Casey McMichael.  (Photo coming) Casey is an active Elder and Men’s Ministry leader at Heart of the Canyons Church in  Santa Clarita  CA where he and his wife, Tara attend along with Roy and Sarah Comstock.

Jeff Andersen

Meet CMN’s Executive Director, Jeff Andersen. After attending Moody Bible College, Jeff served as a youth pastor for twelve years.  Living in the Chicago area, he created a ministry focused on getting kids out of the street gangs. He helped these kids come to Christ and develop Christian values that offset the violence and fear of gang life.

Jeff moved to Phoenix and then to Los Angeles where he works as a financial adviser and broker to large developers and leasing contractors. He currently lives in Watts, California where he helps men in the inner city get off the streets and be fully restored to a useful and productive God honoring life.

Jeff is now serving CMN as Executive Director to develop a growth model for the future of our ministry.

Dan&KathyMeet CMN’s Arizona Operations Manager and Ministry Development, Dan Young and his wife Kathy. Dan is the latest addition to our management team in Arizona. Dan served as a pastor for over 20 years and has outstanding speaking, organization and administration skills. He works closely with Barry Lynch in the leadership of the Mighty Men Task Force. He also oversees the fulfillment department which handles all of CMN’s shipping and handling of books.  Both he and Kathy are involved in mentoring men and women in their church. Kathy, although a busy President/CEO of her own company, works very closely with Julie Lynch in the leadership of Sisters of Strength.  Kathy is an awesome speaker and is available to speak at churches, women gatherings, retreats and conferences.

Christian Mentors Network has a strong leadership team working together to bring both ministry and operations skill sets into effective service for fulfilling the commandment of Christ to “Go and make disciples….”